I'm back in NY (not for long) and the cold weather is really kicking my butt.  One evening I was chopping an onion for supper, I felt a lot of pain all over my body and couldn't finish doing it.  Another time I was freezing waiting for a bus on the Upper East Side of Central Park a few evenings ago (yes, I know it is winter) and it felt like someone had beat the living stuffing out of me.  Based on blood tests, my doctor believes I have Fybromyalgia.  No cure, no tests for it and no real medication protocol for it.  It appears to attack the muscles, but feels like arthritis.  I have to lose some weight (not surprised about that one) and start physical therapy. I got a cortisone shot yesterday and was suppose to fast to take another blood test this morning.  Blew that by eating some ginger bread men at 2:00 am that were calling me in my sleep, so I will try again tomorrow.  Can't wait to get back to Miami, FL for the heat wave!
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cuppa with heart

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It snowed quite a bit today and it is pretty cold out there tonight. I am getting ready to put on a cuppa. Anyone want to share? I am also offering some of those carmel cupcakes with the chocolate frosting.

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I'm hot & bothered...

and lonely too! I still have bronchitis and this fever is driving me crazy. I can't read without spitting out on a book, so I had to stop that. And the threadkillers thread on chit-chat is on page two.  Does anyone ou there have anything to offer me? Virtual stuff accepted.
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